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Transition UI workflow

DOEGrids Certificate Transition happens in the following order:

  • Key Generation/Certificate Request Generation: - The web browser generates key pair and submits the certificate request with the public key. Kindly note that this certificate request doesn’t have any information about the user except the public key generated by the Web Browser. The normal enrollment page generates the certificate request using/embed user information like Common Name, Email etc.
  • SSL Client Authentication: - The server initiates SSL client authentication with the web browser. The user has to have DOESciencegrid certificate for this SSL client authentication. The server is setup to trust only DOESciencegrid certificates.
  • Certificate Validation:- The server validates the DOESciencegrid Certificate, against the current DOESciencegrid Certificate Revocation List. If the Certificate Serial Number is present in the CRL, then the server rejects the request. The server also rejects the request, if the certificate has been expired and past 30 days.

For Example

If today is April 2, 2003, then you cannot use the Certificate which has expired on OR before March 2, 2003.

  • Subject DN Transition: - This new DOEGrids Community CA has been built to issue certificate with DC=DOEGrids, DC=org name space.  The server uses the CN and OU component of the old DOESciencegrid certificate for the new certificate.

For Example

If 'CN=Fname Lname 12345, OU=people,' is the  Subject DN of your DOESciencegrid certificate, then your new Subject DN of DOEGrids certificate will be “CN=Fname Lname 12345, OU=People, DC=DOEGrids, DC=org”.

The server issues a new DOEGrids Certificate. This certificate may or may not have SubjectAltName extension depends upon your old DOESciencegrid certificate.