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*URGENT UPDATE on DOE GRIDS CA Service Transition and OSG CA Availability*

As was first announced in December 2011 , the DOEGrids CA will cease providing certificate services on March 23rd 2013 and is now in the final stages of transitioning services to a new CA managed by the Open Science Grid (OSG). Most DOE Grids CA communities are in the process of transitioning to the new OSG service an d most users may now begin using the OSG CA.

Please contact your RA with any questions or concerns you may have to ensure continuation of your certificate services after March 2013. Please review the transition website for comprehe nsive information on the service transition.


 DOE Grids PMA Membership

PMA Chair: John Volmer

Name Email Affiliation
Mine Altunay OSG
Tom Barron ORNL
Shreyas Cholia NERSC POC
David Cowley PNNL
Alain Deximo OSG POC
Maria Dimou LCG
Michael Helm CA Operations
Ross Miller ORNL POC
Dhiva Muruganantham CA Operations
Frank Nagy FNAL
R Jefferson Porter LBNL POC
Dan Peterson ESnet
R Jefferson Porter NERSC (Alternate)
Christiane A. Ludescher-Furth FusionGrid (NFC)
David Skinner NERSC (Alternate)
Gary Strand ESG
Ronald van Driel Philips Research US
John Volmer ANL
Serge Vrijaldenhoven Philips Research US

1.  Renewing the CA Agent role

2.  DOEGrids PMA Mailing list

The official mailing list for the DOE Grids PMA is closed and only available to members.  All correspondence on this list is archived.

3.  PMA Documents

DOEGrids Controlling Document

Document type

Effective Date


CP/CPS version 3.1  31 Jul 2009 PDF, Word, html Scribd/Posterous
CP/CPS version 3.0  06 Mar 2009 PDF, Word, html
CP/CPS version 2.2  October 15, 2002  PDF
CP/CPS version 2.3  December 15, 2002  PDF
CP/CPS version 2.4  May 31, 2004 PDF
CP/CPS version 2.5  August 12, 2004 PDF
CP/CPS version 2.6  January 12, 2006 PDF
CP/CPS version 2.7  July 1, 2006 PDF
CP/CPS version 2.8  August 21, 2006 PDF, Word
CP/CPS version 2.9  December 15, 2006 PDF, Word
CP/CPS version 2.10  March 28, 2008 PDF, Word, html
PMA charter 1.6  September 10, 2002 PDF
PMA charter 1.7  May 23, 2005  PDF, Word

4.  Archived PMA Documents

  1. DOE Grids CA Release notes (Word, PDF)

  2. DOE Science Grid PMA  Policy document.  version 1.0  (Word, PDF)

  3. DOE Science Grid CP/CPS version 2.0 (Word, PDF)

  4. DOE Science Grid CP/CPS version 2.1 (Word, PDF)

  5. DOESG CA to DOEGrids CA Transition issues (Slides PDF)

  6. DOESG to DOEGrids Certificate Transition UI workflow


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